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  • Daylight Saving Time Linked to Fatal Car Accidents

    March 05, 2020

    A recent study showed that advancing your clock one hour and losing an hour of sleep increases the risk of a fatal car accident. In the United States, fatal car accidents spike six percent the work week following daylight saving time, resulting in nearly 30 additional deaths every year. With the arrival of daylight saving […]

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  • Best Practices for Contractor Safety

    February 28, 2020

    Contractors come from a wide variety of industries with varying levels of understanding and practice in the management of workplace safety. With different levels of experience and knowledge of health and safety standards, managing overall workplace safety becomes complicated. When this happens, workers run a high risk of serious injuries. Over the next 10 years, […]

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  • Driver Inattention Becomes Major Issue on New Jersey Roads

    February 27, 2020

    With advances in technology, we are constantly connected to our phones. This connection is rapidly becoming an epidemic to those who share the road. Driver inattention, defined as anything that diverts the attention of someone operating a vehicle, has been the leading cause of driver-related fatalities in New Jersey for five years in a row. […]

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  • Supervisor Influence Matters in Construction Safety

    February 21, 2020

    The 2020 Safety Management in the Construction Industry SmartMarket Report stresses that participation by jobsite workers and supervisors is crucial to the success of safety initiatives on the job. The report, which was published by Dodge Data & Analytics, surveyed contractors to compile input from industry professionals to outline which safety initiatives are successful on […]

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  • What Should I Do If My Rideshare Driver is Drunk?

    February 20, 2020

    Most people turn to ridesharing to enjoy a safe, affordable trip from one location to another, but what happens when a rideshare driver operates the vehicle erratically, or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol? In this case, riders need to understand the best way to get themselves out of harm’s way. Ridesharing passengers […]

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  • Issues with Slip and Fall Accident Claims Regarding Retail Stores

    February 20, 2020

    Recently, a jury awarded $3.64 million to a Bordentown man who injured his back at a Hamilton Staples store after falling over a merchandise tote placed in an aisleway. Staples intends to ask for a new trial, claiming the award is disproportionate to the injuries suffered by the plaintiff. The plaintiff endured multiple surgeries since […]

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  • Working Safely with Solvents

    February 14, 2020

    A solvent is a chemical substance used to thin or dissolve other solutions, such as paint, adhesives, epoxies, and grease. Contact with solvents can be hazardous to your health, so it is important to know the risks associated with solvents and how to avoid them. Common Solvents Solvents may be used alone or incorporated into […]

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  • Companies to Pay for Workers Medical Marijuana

    February 13, 2020

    A New Jersey appeals court has ruled that companies must pay for medical marijuana used by employees injured on the job. The ruling applies to a case in which an employee, who was prescribed marijuana for pain he suffered since a 2001 work injury, sued his employer for the costs he incurred paying for the […]

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  • Unforeseen Dangers of Interlock Devices

    February 07, 2020

    All states now have some form of ignition interlock requirement to prevent those with drunk driving convictions from driving with alcohol in their system. New Jersey recently became one of 34 states that require interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers, including first time offenders. While interlock devices have been lauded for their effectiveness in reducing […]

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  • FMCSA Delays Truck Driver Training

    February 06, 2020

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) delayed the Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) rule an additional two years to 2022. Originally expected to be implemented nationally in February 2020, the ELDT rule would work as mandatory safety and training guidelines for new truck drivers across the country, an occupation where there is no formal […]

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