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Legal Services in Philadelphia

Legal Services in Philadelphia

Personal Injury Attorneys Providing Help to Injured Victims Across Philadelphia, PA

At DiTomaso Law, our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers have represented, sought, and won compensation for individuals in a variety of different cases. Here are just a few of the practice areas we have successfully worked with in the past.

Car Accidents

Drivers who operate their vehicles while fatigued or even under the influence of drugs or alcohol should be held liable for any and all injuries they cause to innocent parties. Our Philadelphia car accident lawyers have won compensation that has covered medical bills and pain and suffering for our clients injured in auto accidents.

Construction Accidents

It comes as no surprise that workers in the construction industry suffer the most injuries and fatalities of any profession. However, when an employer is negligent or a piece of machinery is defective and a Philadelphia construction accident occurs, it makes an already hazardous profession unnecessarily more dangerous.

Dog Bites

Despite the claims of many owners that their pets are calm and loving, dog bites in Philadelphia still occur regularly. While there are many reasons an animal may attack, if the dog attacked without provocation or was not properly confined, the owner may be liable for any and all injuries rendered.

Pedestrian Accidents in Pennsylvania

Individuals who have been injured in Philadelphia pedestrian accidents or Philadelphia bicycle accidents should know that their medical bills and pain and suffering may be reimbursable. Those who have been hurt in a pedestrian accident should seek legal counsel regardless of the circumstances of their injury.

Personal Injury

Personal injuries occur due to many reasons. Whether an injury was due to a defective product, premises liability, or the negligence of another party, our skilled Philadelphia personal injury lawyers can win you the compensation to which you are entitled.

Auto Claims Process

Always concerned with protecting their assets, insurance companies will do whatever they can to minimize or deny payment to an injured party. Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers can represent you during the claims process in PA, making sure that insurance companies pay what is owed to you.

SEPTA / Bus Accidents

Accidents involving buses are all too common on Philadelphia’s crowded city streets. Drivers who are inexperienced or negligent should not be excused for any injuries they cause in a Philadelphia bus accident, and neither should the companies that employ them.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Injuries that have been sustained on someone’s private property or business may be compensable under premises liability laws. Owners who have not appropriately maintained their property—be it a pool in a private residence or a ride in an amusement park—may have to answer for their negligence with compensation to any and all injured parties as a result of a Philadelphia slip and fall accident.

Truck Accidents

Often subjected to long hours on the road, truck drivers are at a higher risk of causing truck accidents. Injured parties should know that with the help of our skilled Philadelphia truck accident lawyers, they can hold not only the driver accountable but often the trucking company as well.

DiTomaso Law Provides Legal Services in Philadelphia for Injured Parties and Their Loved Ones Seeking Compensation for Their Damages and Losses

If you or a loved one has been injured due to another’s negligence, you are urged to seek the legal counsel of the Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at DiTomaso Law. Our resolute lawyers have a successful track record of claiming compensation for our clients. Call our Philadelphia offices at 215-426-4493 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

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