Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Help to Uphold the Rights of Clients Injured in Memorial Day Collisions.

Is Memorial Day the Most Dangerous Holiday?

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the summer holiday season and one of the most traveled of the nation’s major holidays. Unfortunately, it also is the deadliest holiday on U.S. roadways. The heavy traffic over Memorial Day weekend is

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Cherry Hill Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Will Provide Legal Assistance if You Have a Workplace Injury.

How Long Do I Have to Report a Workplace Injury?

Workplace injuries occur when an accident injures one or more workers to the extent that they require medical treatment. New Jersey law requires employers to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance to cover the costs of injuries workers might suffer while on

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Are Panoramic Sunroofs Dangerous in Car Accidents?

Sunroofs can be an excellent option for your vehicle. You can open it partway to create more ventilation and enhance your comfort on warm days. Additionally, you can open it entirely when the weather is ideal and get more of

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