What Should I Do if I See a Drowsy Truck Driver?

Truck drivers can become exhausted for various reasons. What happens when a motorist sees a truck driver who seems fatigued? Knowing what to do in this precarious situation is important. Commercial trucking is a highly competitive industry, and many employers

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Why is Autumn Dangerous for Workers?

As the season changes, outdoor workers need to be aware of new safety hazards. Autumn has some specific dangers that workers should review to reduce the risk of workplace accidents and serious injuries. Be Aware of Slippery Autumn Leaves Autumn

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How Can Slip and Fall Accidents at Schools be Prevented?

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, including schools. Many schools have large campuses with myriad hallways, classrooms, sports facilities, and auditoriums. Slip and fall accidents can cause many different types of injuries, and some of them can have serious

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