How can Workplace Crane Accidents be Prevented?

Cranes are an integral part of many large construction projects. However, cranes and other heavy machinery can be dangerous if proper safety procedures are not followed. Knowing the best ways to avoid workplace accidents involving cranes is key to maintaining

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What is a Life Care Plan for a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury refers to a severe injury that results in a long-term disability or permanent loss of function. A devastating injury can completely upend a person’s livelihood and career. Catastrophic injury victims can adjust to a drastically altered future

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What Should I Do if I am Fired After a Workplace Accident?

Some employees hesitate to file a Workers’ Compensation claim after a workplace accident because they fear retaliation, however, this is prohibited by law. The Workers’ Compensation system exists to provide benefits to injured employees while they recover from workplace injuries.

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