Orthopedic Injuries

What are Common Orthopedic Work Injuries?

Any damage involving the musculoskeletal system is an orthopedic injury. Some people are more at risk of orthopedic injuries than others. As someone ages, they are likely more at risk for damages or suffering from catastrophic injuries after an accident.

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Trucking Industry Protocols

How Do Trucking Industry Protocols Keep Roads Safe?

Truck accidents can be devastating because of the size of commercial trucks. According to data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), around 4,000 victims lose their lives in truck crashes each year. The trucking industry has put a

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Diary After a Car Accident

Should I Keep a Diary After a Car Accident?

It can be tough to remember all the details about an event several days later, such as a car accident. In many cases, car accident victims often tell conflicting or inaccurate stories when interviewed by insurance adjusters. A victim’s forgetfulness

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