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Philadelphia Train Accident Lawyers

Public Transportation Injury Attorneys in Philadelphia, PA Seek Maximum Compensation for Clients Injured on the Subway, Amtrak, SEPTA and Other Public Transit Systems

Train accidents often cause death and serious injury as the Amtrak train accident in Philadelphia showed in May 2015. As a result of the accident, eight people were killed, and nearly 200 people were injured, some critically. Our Public Transportation Injury Attorneys in Philadelphia, PA at DiTomaso Law know the horror of devastating railroad accidents. We bring wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits on behalf of family members and injured victims to recover pain and suffering, medical payments, lost wages and other benefits for death, disfigurement, permanent physical disability, and decrease in life’s enjoyments. If you or a loved one has been injured in a train accident, contact our Philadelphia train accident lawyers today at 856-414-0010 and get a free consultation with our public transportation injury attorneys in Philadelphia, PA at DiTomaso Law.

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We handle train accidents involving local commuter trains, commercial passenger trains, and trains that ship cargo. Even the smallest trains cause fatalities because of the high speeds at which they travel and due to their sheer size and weight. Trains are not easily maneuvered nor can they stop quickly because of the physics involved and the need for trains to be tied to the tracks. These catastrophic accidents need the experience of skilled Philadelphia train accident lawyers.

Types of Train Accidents

Philadelphia Train Accident Lawyers


Trains can derail off the tracks which can cause the train to overturn or collide with general landscape. Safety violations are usually the cause of derailment accidents. Our Philadelphia train accident lawyers know which laws apply and we work with engineers and other professionals to prove negligence caused the derailment. Other accident reasons include too much cargo, faulty railroad ties, improper equipment, failed inspections and loose objects on the tracks.

Collisions Between Trains

Trains collide with other trains, sometimes in head-on collisions, because the tracks do not properly switch, the tracks are in disrepair, the driver is not paying attention, or for a host of other reasons. The damage to the occupants of both trains is usually severe.


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Collisions Between Trains and Cars or Trucks

Many car accidents or truck accidents happen at railroad crossings because one driver did not see or look for the other driver. Common causes include signals and gates that do not work; failure to give audible warnings; or failure to use vehicle warning lights, poor visibility and vehicles positioned too close to the tracks. In these accidents, the passengers in the trains and vehicles may often have grounds to file claims against multiple parties.

Collisions Between Trains and Pedestrians

Collisions between trains and pedestrians are usually deadly.  Pedestrians and bystanders are simply no match for a train.

Train Accidents Present Complex Issues

Train accidents are much different than accidents involving standard four-wheel vehicles. Our experienced Philadelphia train accident lawyers will:

  • Determine who is responsible and who should be sued. In addition to the driver and the railroad company, other defendants can include parent companies, manufacturers, sub-contractors, the train crew and railroad supervisors.
  • Determine which laws apply. Federal, state and local laws govern safety issues, operation matters and how negligence or responsibility is proved. Many passengers live in one state, such as New Jersey, and the accident may happen in another state. Defendants may do business in different places. Our Philadelphia railroad accident lawyers know which laws apply, where to bring the cases, and the practical issues involved in trying cases involving different locales.
  • Determine the cause of the accident. At DiTomaso Law, we will work to prove how the accident happened and what could have been done to prevent the accident. Our aim is to get our complainants the maximum amount of compensation for their injuries. We hold all responsible parties accountable. We use engineers, safety professionals, and others to help us determine fault.
  • Coordinate the case with all the victims and all the investigators. In many train accidents, there are multiple victims. Train cases are routinely investigated by local and federal agencies as well as local law enforcement. We work to coordinate the discovery efforts with everyone involved to minimize costs and maximize results.

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Philadelphia Train Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Help Railroad Accident Victims in South Jersey and Pennsylvania

If you were injured or a loved one was killed in a train accident, it is important to contact a knowledgeable Philadelphia train accident lawyer as soon as possible. Waiting can affect the investigation and the chances of recovering compensation. Train accident victims should never give statements to insurance adjusters before consulting with their personal injury lawyer.  South Jersey personal injury lawyers at DiTomaso Law will aggressively fight for your rights and protect your best interests.

Call us toll free at 856-414-0010 or contact us online to schedule a consultation in our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Cherry Hill, New Jersey office. We represent victims of train accidents in South Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania, as well as those in Center City, Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County and Chester County and in Burlington County, Camden County, Cumberland County, Atlantic County and Salem County.

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