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  • Is Memorial Day the Most Dangerous Holiday?

    May 19, 2022

    Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the summer holiday season and one of the most traveled of the nation’s major holidays. Unfortunately, it also is the deadliest holiday on U.S. roadways. The heavy traffic over Memorial Day weekend is partly due to the three-day weekend. Many people will be heading to their cabins and […]

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  • Are Panoramic Sunroofs Dangerous in Car Accidents?

    May 12, 2022

    Sunroofs can be an excellent option for your vehicle. You can open it partway to create more ventilation and enhance your comfort on warm days. Additionally, you can open it entirely when the weather is ideal and get more of a convertible feel while driving. A panoramic sunroof is a large type of sunroof and […]

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  • Are Roundabouts Safer Than Traditional Intersections?

    April 24, 2022

    Roundabouts have begun to replace many congested traditional intersections in the United States and are gaining in popularity across the country. A roundabout is a circular intersection the forces traffic to travel counterclockwise around a center point with two or more entry and exit points. Heavily congested intersections create lengthy lines of vehicles and facilitate […]

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  • How Do I Stay Safe on the Road This Easter?

    April 06, 2022

    Visiting family or friends over the long Easter weekend can be fun and refreshing. You get to spend time with people you may not have seen for a long time, and you may even get an extra day off work. But you may also have to travel longer than usual to see your loved ones. […]

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  • What Types of Injuries Can Children Suffer From in Car Accidents?

    March 21, 2022

    There are few things as terrifying to parents than their children suffering injuries in a car accident. Thousands of children are injured every year due to car accidents and suffer both physical and mental injuries. Car accidents are the leading cause of child deaths. Over 600 child passengers under 13 years old died in motor […]

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  • How Can Drivers Stay Safe on St. Patrick’s Day?

    March 07, 2022

    On March 17, Americans join in the celebration of Irish heritage known as St. Patrick’s Day. Given the holiday’s tradition of drinking, it is no surprise that the St. Patrick’s Day holiday period boasts one of the highest number of DUI arrests and related car accidents. Throughout the United States, police departments deploy prevention and […]

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  • How Can Drivers Prepare for Daylight Saving Time?

    March 02, 2022

    Daylight saving time (DST) is rapidly approaching, and drivers should be aware of the negative effect the time change has on their ability to safely operate a vehicle. Losing an hour of sleep greatly increases the risk of a car accident due to drowsy driving. Driving while sleep deprived can be just as dangerous as […]

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  • Who Is Liable for a Multi-Vehicle Car Accident?

    February 07, 2022

    Car accidents involving two or more vehicles are considered multi-vehicle collisions. This type of accident is often the result of only one driver striking another. However, in congested areas, that one strike can set of a chain reaction that leads to multiple cars colliding. Liability in a multi-car accident can be quite complex, and it […]

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  • What Should I Do if I See a Snowplow While Driving?

    January 25, 2022

    You may see snowplows throughout the winter. They make the roads safer for countless drivers and passengers. However, you may feel intimidated if you are driving near a snowplow. When you are behind the wheel and sharing the road with a snowplow, it is important to take a few safety precautions. Your extra care will […]

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  • How Do Tire Blowouts Happen?

    January 14, 2022

    Anyone who has experienced a tire blowout while driving can tell you that it can be a very frightening experience. If a tire suddenly blows out, the vehicle could swerve, and you could try to pull over safely, but it is not always easy. What causes tire blowouts? What are the dangers? Weak Spots Tires […]

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