Wrongful Death Claims in New Jersey

Losing a loved one unexpectedly can emotionally and financially devastate surviving family members. In addition to dealing with feelings of grief and sadness, surviving family members may be left with substantial medical treatment and death expense bills and the financial uncertainty that accompanies the loss of the deceased’s income. At DiTomaso Law, our dedicated South Jersey wrongful death lawyers are experienced litigators who handle wrongful death cases with sensitivity and compassion.

What Constitutes Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death can occur under a wide variety of circumstances. When the negligence, neglect, recklessness, unlawful violence or intentionally wrongful actions of another cause the death of an individual, wrongful death has occurred. Medical malpractice, construction accidents, bus accidents, car accidents, train accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bite injuries and product liability accidents are some of the most common causes of wrongful death.

Accidents Resulting in Wrongful Death

  • Catastrophic sporting accidents (including diving, skiing, skydiving and football accidents)
  • Collisions between tractor trailers and smaller motor vehicles
  • Massive construction site accidents (including roof collapses, electrocution and overturned construction vehicles)
  • Worksite accidents (such as overturned forklifts)
  • Medical malpractice never events (including the administration of wrong medication or improper blood transfusions)

When a wrongful death occurs, the deceased individual is not the only one who suffers harm. Surviving family members frequently suffer emotional injuries resulting from the loss of companionship and consortium in addition to a multitude of financial losses related to the deceased’s hospital and medical expenses, loss of earnings and funeral expenses. Filing a personal injury wrongful death lawsuit against the parties responsible for the wrongful death of a loved one can help surviving family members receive some type of compensation for these unimaginable losses.

Bringing a Wrongful Death Action

Many states, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, allow surviving family members to file suit against the parties responsible for the wrongful death of their loved one under statutory Wrongful Death Acts. Wrongful death lawsuits must be filed within a certain period of time after the death, known as the statute of limitations. In Pennsylvania, wrongful death lawsuits must be filed within two years of the death.

Additional legal issues that frequently accompany wrongful death cases involve the determination of who may bring a wrongful death suit, life expectancy issues, insurance issues and the identification of which parties can be held liable for a wrongful death claim. For example, in Pennsylvania only the spouse, children or parents of a wrongful death victim may bring a wrongful death lawsuit. The first step to ensuring that you receive maximum amount of compensation for your wrongful death claim is to consult an experienced wrongful death attorney who understands all of these unique legal issues.

South Jersey Wrongful Death Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Obtain the Maximum Compensation for Family Members

No financial compensation can ease the pain of the tragic loss of a loved one that results from a wrongful death. Our South Jersey personal injury lawyers at DiTomaso Law understand the magnitude of a wrongful death loss and aggressively represent surviving family members to ensure that the all responsible parties are held liable for their actions. In addition to the costs of medical treatment and funeral costs, surviving family members may be entitled to additional compensation including funeral costs, loss of earnings, loss of consortium damages and damages for pain and suffering.

With offices conveniently located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and Center City, Philadelphia, our South Jersey wrongful death lawyers at DiTomaso Law represent surviving family members of wrongful death victims throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey in Cherry Hill, Mount Holly and Camden County. To schedule your free confidential consultation call us at 856-414-0010 or contact us online.