Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

People have the right to assume a reasonable level of safety when visiting public or private property. If a property owner or manager fails to maintain a safe environment, he or she is liable for injuries that occur on that property. Regardless of the various causes for slip and fall accidents or the location of the slip and fall accident, individuals who suffer from these types of serious injuries often require medical care. Individuals who are injured in slip and fall accidents may be entitled to collect compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering under premises liability law.

Slip and Fall

Traditional slip and fall accidents occur when the sole of a person’s shoe or foot fails to gain traction with the surface of a floor causing him or her to slip, fall, and sustain injury. This often happens because the surface of the floor is too slippery, possibly resulting from a spill or leak, improper cleaning, or snow and ice.

Trip and Fall

Trip and fall accidents refer to accidents that happen due to obstacles in a pedestrian path or walkway. An individual’s foot collides with the obstacle causing him or her to lose their balance and fall. Any object in a walkway or path can create a tripping hazard for pedestrians. Examples include protruding drawers along the sides of a walkway, palettes left in grocery store aisles, or cables and wires that cross a walkway.

Stump and Fall

A stump and fall accident occurs when a pedestrian stumbles and falls due to a fixed impediment in the walking surface. Structural defects that contribute to stump and fall accidents include gaps between elevators and floors, unexpected bumps in floors, or uneven sidewalks.

Step and Fall

Step and fall accidents happen because of floor defects, holes in the ground, or uneven, bumpy walking surfaces. Various floor or ground irregularities can cause a person to lose his or her balance, fall, and sustain injury. Step and fall accidents often occur because of broken stairs, holes in pavement, missing boards, or cracked sidewalks.

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