Slip and Fall Accidents in Philadelphia

A slip and fall is no laughing matter. Injuries sustained from a fall can have devastating effects on someone’s livelihood, including limiting their ability to work and resulting in large medical bills. Then, of course, there is the physical recovery that happens after any type of injury. When your injury is the result of someone else’s negligence, you deserve justice and compensation.

Property owners have a duty of care for passersby, even those who were not necessarily invited onto the property. For instance, if someone is walking in front of a business to get to the next building and the property owner did not clear the walkways of ice, the property owner is liable for any accidents that may occur. This includes when the person was not a customer or guest that was invited into the building. However, if it was not the property owner’s responsibility, such as a sidewalk that a city maintains, those entities responsible for ensuring clear walkways would be liable.

Proving Liability

The most difficult part of a slip and fall claim is proving liability. In a premises liability lawsuit, a skilled slip and fall lawyer will have to prove that there was a danger that a reasonable person would know or should have known about, such as torn carpet or wet floors, and that the property owner was aware of the dangerous situation but did not fix the problem. In these cases, it is important to have as much documentation as possible. Examples of possible negligence include worn or torn carpets, ice in walkways, uneven sidewalks, poor lighting, unmarked hazardous areas, loose handrails, and other physical obstacles or obstructions that could lead to a trip, slip, or fall.

This means victims, or a trusted third party, should take as many photographs as possible before leaving the scene. Having witnesses can also aid a case, as the property owner will work diligently to claim it was the victim’s fault that they slipped and fell.

As soon as you have been injured, seek medical attention immediately. Failing to seek medical attention not only puts you in harm’s way, but will work against you in a claim. It is also imperative to find an experienced lawyer you can trust as soon as possible to help you gather the right information and speak to insurance agents who are working to prove you wrong. At DiTomaso Law, we have the experience to help you establish the burden of proof that is required, along with ensuring all aspects of your premises liability claim have been properly handled.

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