Philadelphia Bus/SEPTA Accidents

Commuters put their trust in the hands of public transportation companies every morning and evening to get to work and home each weekday. Despite being overall safer, along with environmental benefits, mass transit accidents happen. When they do, authorities such as the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) can be held liable for the injuries sustained.

Filing a SEPTA claim can be difficult. Successfully seeking compensation comes down to knowing the right steps and being swift when gathering the right information. Our team of Philadelphia bus accident lawyers at DiTomaso Law has experience pursuing personal injury cases against SEPTA and in handling other bus accident claims.

SEPTA’s Compensation Limits

SEPTA has severe limits on how much victims can collect following an accident on their buses, trains, subways, rails and trolleys. The authority is a commonwealth agency that is protected by the Sovereign Immunity Act. Due to this, an individual is limited to $250,000, and one million dollars for all individuals in one accident.

This means that no matter how many people were involved in an accident, the total limit will be divided among the victims no matter how many catastrophic injuries or fatalities are involved. SEPTA also has other protections that do not apply to other property owners.

Risks on Mass Transportation

As a commuter, it is important to know and understand the risks of travel. Regardless of whether you are using public transit, a pedestrian, or another driver on the road, you can be affected by mass transportation accidents.

  • Derailings can affect not only the passengers of the train, but can pose a threat to drivers. This can happen when a train collides with a car, or cars collide with one another when avoiding a train, or when there is not enough stopping time before a stopped train.
  • A bus can strike a car, another bus, or even a pedestrian.
  • A pedestrian accident can happen when a bus is stopping for a passenger in a high foot traffic area, or when a bus does not see a pedestrian, or does not have enough time to stop.
  • Sudden stops or turns can happen when the driver of a public transportation vehicle tries to avoid a car accident with another vehicle or a pedestrian, leading to passengers being thrown within the vehicle. As most public transit does not have safety restraints, the risk of injury is even higher.

Philadelphia Bus Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Have Experience Filing Claims with SEPTA

Our team of Philadelphia bus accident lawyers at DiTomaso Law have filed bus accident claims in the past, including against SEPTA. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we will ensure your claim is filed quickly and accurately. Contact us online or call 215-426-4493 today to find out how we can help.