Dog Bite Injuries in New Jersey

Dog bites are vicious, quick and dangerous. They are often unprovoked and can occur without warning. Dog bites can occur almost anywhere – at a home, a public park, or on the street. In many cases, the dog was unleashed, untrained, had a propensity for violence, or has a history of similar attacks. Owners of such dogs often fail to take the necessary steps to prevent their dog from biting or attacking others. However, depending on the state in which you live, the owners of such dogs could be held strictly liable for the dog bite injuries.

Dog bite cases can be extremely complex, especially if there are medical issues that must be addressed. If the bite is severe, surgery may be needed, especially if the wound is deep and there has been trauma to any nerves or tissues. Additionally, if the victim is a child, the wounds may heal, but they can leave devastating scarring, which may not be covered by your health insurance.

Injuries resulting from dog bite injuries can be severe and long lasting. Dog bites to the head can result in serious brain and head injuries such as traumatic brain injury, concussions and eye injuries including loss of vision. Neck and back injuries like paralysis or spinal cord injuries may result from dog bite injuries. Other types of injuries including nerve injuries, fractures, muscle strains and sprains, ligament injuries and joint injuries, including shoulder and knee tears are common in dog bite cases. Emotional or psychological distress including Post-traumatic Stress Disorder often affects many dog bite victims for years to come.

Aggressive Representation for Animal Attack Victims in NJ and PA

Dog bite cases often bring questions such as who will pay for my medical treatment, particularly if I have no insurance to cover my medical bills. Did you know however that the dog owner’s insurance at the time you were bitten can provide benefits to you while you are recovering?

Dog bite cases require immediate legal attention so that the dog owner’s insurance can be assessed. Photographs must be taken and evidence must be gathered such as if and when the dog had been vaccinated. Veterinarian medical records and county health documents must be accessed to assist in your recovery and support your claim. In these cases, insurance companies can be quick to blame you for the accident when it is not your fault. Insurance companies will often argue that you were provoking the dog, not paying attention, didn’t follow directions or were too aggressive with the dog. Insurance companies will try to quickly deny your claim by taking a recorded statement to lock you in on your version of the incident and try to show that you were at fault for the dog bite.

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