Drunk Driving Lawyers in South Jersey

Intoxicated drivers are negligent drivers. Drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol have impaired judgment, poor concentration, loss of coordination, and reduced reaction ability. Individuals who drink and drive put passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians at risk, and the results can be devastating. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD):

  • Every two minutes someone is injured by a drunk driver
  • Twenty-eight people die each day in accidents caused by drunk drivers
  • Two out of three Americans will be involved in a drunk driving accident during their lifetime

Individuals who have been hit by a drunk driver may sustain serious injuries that could result in broken bones, back injuries, neck injuries, head injuries, loss of limb, permanent disability, or death. Victims are often left unable to work with high medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Insurance companies usually offer inadequate settlements to those injured in drunk driving car accidents. It may be necessary for a victim to file a lawsuit against a drunk driver to recover damages for injuries and losses.

Depending on what state you reside, being injured by a drunk driver can affect your tort status, meaning if you elected the limited right to sue in Pennsylvania and the accident occurred there, the limitation would not apply. Moreover, you may be entitled to other causes of action after being injured by a drunk driver, such as an action against the establishment or homeowner that may have served that person too much to drink.

Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) is illegal. Depending on the state, drunk driving can carry criminal charges and serious traffic violation penalties. Individuals who are injured in accidents caused by impaired drivers are entitled to pursue compensation for their injuries and losses in a civil lawsuit. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver, it is in your best interest to speak to the experienced Cherry Hill car accident lawyers at DiTomaso Law before discussing any type of settlement with an insurance company.

Insurance companies are in business to make money, and they do so by offering minimal settlements to accident victims. At the law offices of DiTomaso Law we will aggressively fight for your right to receive the maximum compensation possible for your injuries and losses. We have 20 years of experience dealing with insurance companies and a highly successful track record for securing large settlement awards for our clients.

South Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Represent Car Accident Victims

Our Cherry Hill personal injury lawyers at DiTomaso Law believe that accidents caused by drunk drivers are particularly heinous because they create so much devastation for victims and are always preventable. We welcome the opportunity to pursue a case against a drunk driver, and we will go above and beyond to make sure that a liable drunk driver is held accountable for the effects of his or her negligence. Call our Cherry Hill personal injury lawyers at 856-414-0010 or contact us online to schedule your free legal consultation.