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Camden Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Workers Comp Attorneys in Camden, NJ Recover Compensation for Those Injured at Work in Camden County, New Jersey 

When you suffer from a work injury, it can be a devastating experience. You may have to miss work and lose income, deal with medical bills, and potentially face long-term consequences. This is where Camden workers’ compensation lawyers, can help you. At DiTomaso Law, we specialize in helping clients with work injury claims, workplace accidents, and occupational injuries. Our team is well-versed in NJ workers’ compensation law and can help you understand your rights and options.

What Is Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

In New Jersey, workers’ compensation benefits are intended to help injured workers recover from their injuries and return to work as soon as possible. These benefits include temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, medical treatment coverage, and lost wages compensation. Temporary disability benefits are designed to provide financial support to employees who are temporarily unable to work due to their injuries. Permanent disability benefits may be available to those who have suffered a permanent loss of function or who are unable to return to their job due to their injuries. Medical treatment coverage includes all medical expenses related to your work injury, such as doctor visits, hospitalization, surgery, and medication. Lost wages compensation provides financial support to injured workers who have missed work due to their injury.

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Employer Responsibilities

Under NJ workers’ compensation law, employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to provide benefits to their employees who suffer from work-related injuries or illnesses. Additionally, employers are required to provide return-to-work programs to help injured employees return to work as soon as possible. If you have been injured on the job, it is important to notify your employer as soon as possible and seek medical attention. Failure to report your injury in a timely manner may result in a denial of your claim.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Camden Workers' Compensation Lawyers

At DiTomaso Law, we can help you with a wide range of workers’ compensation claims, including:

About Workers’ Compensation Accidents in Camden, NJ

Camden, NJ, is home to a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. Unfortunately, workplace accidents can happen in any industry, and when they do, injured workers may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. If you have been injured on the job in Camden, NJ, it is important to seek legal assistance to ensure that your rights are protected.


Rich DiTomaso was an excellent attorney. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and settled our case with a great result. We would highly recommend using this attorney.

Cheryl Ann Smith Budman


Five stars absolutely deserved here. They handled every detail, from insurance companies to doctors and bills. I highly recommend Richard and his colleges.

Marie Snow


Richard Ditomaso is an expert in his field. He goes above and beyond for his clients. If you’re looking for a great lawyer, give this one a chance; you won’t regret it. A+++

Michelle Palmieri

How a Camden Point Workers’ Compensation Lawyer from DiTomaso Law Can Help You

At DiTomaso Law, we recognize the challenges faced by workers dealing with work-related injuries. Our Camden Workers’ Compensation lawyers are dedicated to helping you navigate the legal complexities and ensuring that your rights are protected. We will evaluate your case thoroughly, gather relevant evidence, and vigorously advocate on your behalf to secure the fair compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses.

Contacting DiTomaso Law for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you have suffered a work-related injury or occupational illness, it is crucial to seek experienced legal representation. Contact DiTomaso Law today to schedule a free consultation with our skilled Camden workers’ compensation attorneys. During the consultation, we will assess the details of your case and provide you with comprehensive legal advice tailored to your situation. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only pay legal fees if we successfully recover compensation on your behalf. Let us handle the legal complexities while you focus on your recovery and well-being.

About the Town of Camden, NJ

Camden, NJ, is a city located in Camden County, New Jersey. With a population of approximately 74,000, it is the 12th largest municipality in the state. Camden is home to a variety of attractions, including the Camden Waterfront, Adventure Aquarium, and BB&T Pavilion. The city is also home to a number of businesses and industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation in Camden, NJ

Do I need a lawyer for my workers’ compensation claim?

While it is not required to hire a lawyer for your workers’ compensation claim, it is highly recommended. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the complex process of filing a claim, ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve, and represent you in court if necessary.

What should I do if my Workers’ Compensation claim is denied?

If your Workers’ Compensation claim is denied, it is important not to lose hope. You have the right to appeal the decision. Consulting with a skilled Workers’ Compensation attorney is crucial in this situation, as they can guide you through the appeals process and help build a strong case on your behalf. Your attorney will gather additional evidence, evaluate the reasons for the denial, and present a persuasive argument to support your claim. With their expertise and representation, you can increase your chances of obtaining the benefits you deserve.

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