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How Does Technology Change Personal Injury Cases?

August 23, 2019

Technology can help us achieve many things. We have dishwashers to clean our dishes and self-propelled vacuums to clean our homes. However, there are instances where the development of technology has increased our risk for accidents and injuries. Different factors are considered when technology is involved in personal injury cases, especially when determining liability. The following are examples where technology proves hazardous and personal injury cases are affected.


In 2015, the hoverboard was the popular item to give children as gifts. This item is similar to a skateboard, except that it is motorized with a battery. The device, although fun for children and teens, was later found to be a fire risk and over 500,000 hoverboards were recalled. While it was a concern that the hoverboards could cause fires, many people continued to use them. Yet, the reality of the dangers associated with these toys was revealed when one started a house fire where two children were killed in 2017. Due to the recall, liability may fall on the user’s hands if they continue to use the device while aware of the hazards the hoverboard could cause. If a recall was not issued, the manufacturer could be held responsible.

Dangers Associated with Drones

It appears drones are becoming more prevalent, but there are obvious dangers associated with these small remote-controlled flying machines. In 2015, drone sales tripled and accounted for over $200 million. The two main issues associated with drones were that they interfered with aircrafts and that they could fall out of the sky and injure people nearby. In 2016 alone, the Federal Aviation Administration received over 150 reports of drones interfering with airplanes. Additionally, at a public event in Virginia in 2017, a drone fell and injured four people. If it is found that the drone caused harm to others, the operator of the drone could be held liable for endangering the safety of others.

Self-Driving Cars

Although the idea of a self-driving car seems appealing, the technology has not yet been perfected in all aspects of these cars. Currently, self-driving cars have almost five times more crashes than traditional cars, since they have on average nine crashes per one million miles compared to about two crashes per one million miles in regular cars. When accidents do occur with self-driving cars, the questions concerning liability become more complex. Sometimes, it is unclear who is at-fault for the accident, since it could be the manufacturer, the auto company, the software engineer, or even the car operator. A car accident lawyer can analyze the facts surrounding the accident and will help find the answers to these questions.

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