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Safety Tips for Older Workers

September 21, 2017

Cherry Hill Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Safety Tips for Older WorkersAs people age, their bodies become less resilient. An injury that might keep a person in their 20s out of work for a week could keep an employee in their 50s or 60s out of work for a month. All workers, especially older individuals, benefit greatly from injury prevention efforts in the workplace. Workplace injury prevention can help older workers keep themselves healthy and safe. It is important to remember that even when efforts are made to prevent workplace accidents. When an employee is injured at work, they can file a Workers’ Compensation claim to seek benefits such as compensation for medical bills and lost wage replacement.

Following are some important safety tips for all workers to avoid an on-the-job injury:

An Ergonomic Workplace is Healthiest for All Workers. Ergonomic means “designed for comfort and efficiency.” An ergonomic workplace is one where desk chairs provide proper back and lumbar support, lights are bright enough for workers to focus on tasks without straining their eyes, floors are clean and free of hazards, and shelves are an appropriate height for workers to reach easily when standing on the floor or on a secure step stool.

Workers Should Know their Physical Limits and Stick to Them. A significant part of injury prevention involves understanding one’s own limitations and staying within them. This includes avoiding lifting objects that are too heavy to lift and adjusting activity levels to the temperature of the work environment. Co-workers can work together to develop solutions to physical challenges, like team lifting heavy objects.

Workers of All Ages Thrive in Dynamic Workplaces. Sedentary lifestyles put workers at risk of obesity, which in turn puts them at risk of developing diabetes, certain types of cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Easy ways to make a workplace less sedentary include standing workstations and encouraging workers to use the stairs, rather than the elevator. Onsite physical activity, like a gym, can also encourage workers to move more and stay physically fit.

A Worker’s Personal Health is their Own Responsibility. An Employer’s Responsibility is to Foster Healthy Workers. Although a workplace cannot force a worker to take control of their health, it can make it much easier for the worker to do so. In addition to encouraging a physically active lifestyle and providing an ergonomic workplace, employers can also help workers to take care of their own health by permitting flexible schedules that allow workers to attend doctor appointments and take time off as needed for their health.

Workers can help their employers make healthy changes to the workplace, such as discussing challenges they face and brainstorming solutions. When workers’ concerns are validated and efforts are made to change the workplace for the better, everyone benefits. These benefits include fewer injuries, less productivity lost, and greater mental health for all members of a company.

Cherry Hill Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Help Workers Pursue Workers’ Compensation Claims

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