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Drug Use by Truck Drivers is a Safety Concern

July 18, 2019

Drug Use by Truck Drivers is a Safety Concern

The trucking industry is becoming increasingly concerned about truck drivers using drugs behind the wheel. The Trucking Alliance has publicly expressed that drug use among truckers is a public safety crisis. This conclusion was reached after companies began using two methods to test applicants for the presence of drugs. Traditionally, a urine test is utilized by the U.S. Department of Transportation when hiring truck drivers. The Trucking Alliance also wants a hair analysis to be utilized for job applicants, which would detect past use of other types of illicit drugs not present in urine tests.

Test Results

The Trucking Alliance pooled its members and collected data regarding hair analysis and urinalysis collected among over 151,000 job applicants. Each of the applicants held a commercial driver’s license. They found that 94 percent of the applicants tested drug-free. The urine test revealed drug use among almost 1,000 applicants. Most of those drivers tested positive for cocaine, opioids, and marijuana. Yet, it is most notable that almost 9,000 applicants either failed or refused to submit to a hair test.

The Trucking Alliance then concluded that the urinalysis failed to detect drug use in nine out of 10 illicit drug users. This is an alarming fact. Yet, Congress still has not mandated a hair test for trucking job applicants. Since all the applicants in that survey who refused or failed the hair test had commercial trucking licenses, they are very likely to work at another company that only performs urinalysis and does not require hair tests on new applicants.

Future Changes

The Trucking Alliance would like to see more stringent drug tests mandated across the country for all trucking companies and reduce the possibilities of truck accidents associated with drug use. The law, which currently only requires urinalysis, is from 1991. This law is out of date with the newest trends in drug use and it does not consider recreational marijuana. A hair test is more likely to detect marijuana use.

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