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Adjusting to Different Driving Rules on Road Trips

July 25, 2019

Adjusting to Different Driving Rules on Road Trips

Summer vacation often involves road trips. Embarking on drives to parts unknown breaks up the lazy days of summer and acts as the perfect antidote to the same old scenery. With three holiday weekends and abbreviated work schedules, many drivers and their loved ones take advantage of that time to go on a summer jaunt. Before doing so, drivers should be aware that, along with unfamiliar routes, other states may impose different driving restrictions, which could put drivers at-risk for unexpected traffic tickets, car accidents, or worse.

Becoming Familiar with Different Driving Rules

Most travelers jump into cars and drive off to their destinations without a second thought. Unfortunately, if different driving rules exist in states listed on the road trip bucket list, a driver may be in danger of getting into a sticky situation. Becoming familiar with another area’s traffic guidelines may save drivers from distress during their trip.

It is important to review local guidelines for the states and cities on the itinerary to avoid engaging in an accident, prevent getting a ticket, and refrain from contributing to congestion on already busy roads. Many states mandate different speed limits, according to many factors. Even within the same state, rural roads, suburban and city streets, and multi-lane highways contain various speed limits, and while drivers may know their home state’s requirements, they may be unfamiliar with others. A police officer will not accept a driver using excessive speed due to a lack of awareness as an excuse. This also goes for traffic violations. For example, turning right on red in one state may be prohibited in another.

How to Become Familiar with Driving Rules

Most drivers never know the driving rules in another state until it is too late. When traveling to another country, drivers will search for road rules, so why not do the same when driving through another state? Reviewing other state guidelines could not be easier with the internet. Plug in a location into the search engine and seemingly endless sources of information will become available. In many cases, the driver’s manual may be downloadable or accessible as well as common speed limits and potential traffic violations. If plans dictate an extended stay in one place, keep guidelines handy on a phone or on paper.

Getting into an Accident in Another State

Whether a driver gets into a car accident or is pulled over by a police officer, it is business as usual. A driver’s license, registration, and insurance card should be kept handy. After engaging in an accident, contact the insurance company or the rental agency if a car was rented. If the driver or passengers are injured, go to a local hospital for treatment. Depending on the outcome of the crash, a court appearance may be necessary where the accident took place. At the very least, know where to send the bill for a traffic violation and review local rules that will offer that type of information.

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