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Death Toll Rises for Fatal Falls in the Workplace

October 30, 2019

Death Toll Rises for Fatal Falls in the Workplace

The Center for Construction Research and Training has been studying construction working conditions and conducted a study regarding worker falls. In 2012, there was a drop in the numbers regarding fatal falls in the construction industry, but in recent years, this number has been climbing. Fatal falls in the industry have increased seven years in a row and have risen over 45 percent since 2011. In 2017, there was a 20 percent increase in the number of construction workers. The number jumped from 8.9 million workers to 10.7 million workers in the United States.

Worker Deaths from Falls

In 2017, approximately 367 construction workers died as a result from falls to lower levels and this accounted for over half of the total occupational fall fatalities to a lower level across all industries. Roofers had the highest risk with over 10 times the number of falls compared to other construction occupations. Overall fatalities from falls have increased sharply since 2011, with about 781 deaths in 2011 to 1,013 reported fatalities due to falls in 2017. Major causes for deaths included falls to a lower level, transportation incidents, and acts of violence by other people or animals on the construction site.

Comparison to Other Industries

Falls to a lower level only accounted for three deaths in the utility industry and five deaths in the mining industry. This suggests a greater need for training and education among construction workers. Most of these falls occurred from roofing jobs, but out of the 367 deaths due to falls to a lower level, about 25 percent occurred on ladders and almost 15 percent occurred on scaffolding.

Correlation Between Size of Company and Falls

Small businesses who employ less than 20 employees accounted for 75 percent of the falls between 2015 and 2017. Additionally, only eight percent of those deaths occurred in companies with more than 100 employees. This seems to suggest that construction companies with more resources are less prone to fatal accidents. Workers should always report hazards or lack of training to their company if they feel as though they do not have the expertise to perform the requested task.

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