Common Slip and Fall Factors

April 30, 2019

Cherry Hill slip and fall lawyers advocate for victims injured in common fall accidents.No one is immune from suffering a potential slip and fall accident. However, many accidents can be avoided by taking proactive steps. Residential and commercial property owners, as well as government entities and municipalities, have a duty of care to uphold to all visitors and invitees. Breaching this duty can cause drastic injuries and lawsuits. The following are factors that lead to slip and falls that property owners must consider:

Unexpected Hazards

Unexpected items in walking paths can become catalysts for slip and fall accidents. For example, if a store entrance has not been adequately cleared and decluttered of boxes or cans that fell from a display, each of those items can easily obstruct someone walking into the facility. Inadequate lighting is another issue for those walking through an area. Obstacles and hazards may not be visible and can cause a person to suffer a serious injury if they cannot see what is in front of them.

Flooring Issues

Floors are made with different types of material and endure heavy foot traffic. This causes the flooring to deteriorate over time. When someone slips due to loss of traction, that person may have cause to file suit. The same can be said for inadequately planned transitions between different floor types. Liquids spilled on the floor can also result in severe injuries. Slip and falls can occur both inside and outside the premises. Consequently, a building entrance strewn with wet piles of leaves can be just as slippery as a public restroom floor that has been freshly mopped.


Sometimes, pure neglect is at the heart of a slip and fall accident. Consider a well-worn carpet that is torn and peeled-up, or an uneven tile floor in desperate need of repair. To a safe-minded individual, those conditions would be red flags. Until they are fixed, they could cause someone to suffer an injury. Similarly, handrails that became loose over the years could be deemed acts of negligence in a slip and fall case, if the owner knew of the hazard and failed to fix it.

Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Advocate for Victims Injured in Slip and Fall Accidents

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