Do Autonomous Cars Cause Fatigue?

November 7, 2022

Camden Car Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Hold Drowsy Drivers Accountable for Accidents.

Autonomous driving technologies are reducing the actions required of drivers. Unfortunately, drowsy driving is an unintended consequence of using modern driving technologies.

How might an autonomous vehicle cause a driver to become fatigued? By lulling the motorist into a false sense of security. The motorist also could become bored and fatigued by watching the road without having to do anything.

Active safety systems are designed to prevent car accidents from happening. They make it possible for drivers to be more passive while behind the wheel. A less-active driver is one who could become drowsy or otherwise fatigued and more accident-prone.

Adaptive cruise control with automatic braking makes it possible to drive without keeping your feet on the gas or the brake pedals. Lane-keeping assist helps keep vehicles between the lines while traveling down the highway.

Many newer vehicles and others that are in the planning and design stages are equipped with autonomous driving systems that greatly reduce the need for driver activity. Reduced activity can lead to less attentive driving that enables the motorist to become tired and less capable of reacting quickly if a dangerous situation suddenly develops.

Additionally, an autonomous vehicle cannot become distracted, but the person sitting behind the wheel can. Although a car might be designed to drive itself, the motorist behind the wheel is its primary safety mechanism. Unfortunately, the driver of an autonomous or a mostly autonomous vehicle is much less likely to pay close attention to the road and traffic. If a sudden danger emerges, the driver is less likely to react quickly and prevent an accident.

A long trip could be tedious and tiring, especially when traveling alone. The potential for becoming distracted is much greater while in an autonomous vehicle than when in a traditional vehicle that requires constant attention.

Many people enjoy the act of driving a vehicle. While it is not as exhilarating as racing on a track, driving helps keep you engaged. An engaged driver can stay alert longer than someone who is just riding along in a passenger seat. When the driver does not have to do anything, it becomes much easier to grow tired and feel fatigued, especially after a long work shift.

Many car manufacturers recognize the unique driving dangers posed by autonomous vehicles. Many are including anti-fatigue systems that require drivers to make occasional tasks that help keep them more alert while behind the wheel of an autonomous vehicle.

Camden Car Accident Lawyers at DiTomaso Law Hold Drowsy Drivers Accountable for Accidents

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